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The sequel to the 2013 film, which includes a security specialist, named Paradise Breslin, who uses his skills to check the prison’s reliability for maximum security.

Director: Stephen S. Miller

Posted by Miles Chapman

Stars: Dave Boutesta, Bailey Kurn, SylvesterStallone

Genres: Deathriller

Country: China | USA

EXCLUSION: plan to escape 2

Source: DVD NTSC R1 – Thanks to the puzzle 🙂

ViDEO: 1700 Kbps -2 gaps

RESULT: 720k304

MANUAL: 1h 33m 43s

Subtitles: no

AUDIO: 448 Kbps AC3




NOTES:enjoy it

Ryan Brelin is headed by a team of security experts who study in artistic caliber of people from the most unprofessional prisons in the world. When his trusted Shu Ren agents are stolen and disappeared in the most complicated prison institution ever created, he washired by an elite team that helped save.

For many years, after fleeing the inevitable imprisonment, Paradise Breslin has organized a new, first-class security. But when one of his members fades away, Bresilin must return to the hell that he once saved.


StephenMiller Rai Brezlin heads the elite team of specialists in the training of dying people from the best in the prisons of the world. When Shu Ren, the largest commander, is abducted and disappearing into the most complicated prison form ever created, fully computerized and constantly changing, Paradise shouldfollow some of your old friends.

Escape Plan 2

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