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There are video tutorials to stay here, but not easy to build. Fortunately, Screenshot-of-Matic simplifies the process by allowing everyone to record a good video lesson.

Lights, cameras, (Feature () {(‘Review Desktop App Page Desktop’)}); Matic screens make your computer screen live in the video and export directly to itYouTube or ‘save it to your computer. The following video quality is more than acceptable and emphasizes the movement and buttons of your mouse, such as. B. Program Elimination Professional, which you will not find in other free apps,Is the ability to register at the same time via a webcam. That way, your answers and explanations will be easier to understand than just your voice.

Very fast these other screen programs are very powerful,They are also very large and slow. This does not happen with Screenshot-of-Matic. When you launch the program, it only takes a few seconds to start recording with ease. First, select the screen format you want to save,And whether you want to include your webcam or not. Then start shooting. Finally, you can predict your creation and decide what to do with it.

Suitable for those who are not very difficult.If you do not expect too much software to make your computer screen a video, the Matic screen is the perfect choice for you. It does not have the ability to edit videos or extensions like other projects,Very complex, but fast, free and watermelon likes it.

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